Paradise Has Found Corozal at Sunset Villas! - It should be no surprise that people love to live near water; it’s the essential substance of life after all, plus seventy percent of the Earth is covered in the stuff so it’s hard to avoid.
I long ago recognized and fed this need, always avoiding job offers in dry desert cities and, mountain vacations where only narrow creeks and streams run. However, after a decade on Chicago’s chilly but beautiful Lake Michigan shores I also needed to be warm. So, when my friend John Harris a home builder and developer working near Corozal Town in Belize Central America (where I am several years into retirement) showed me his recently completed off-grid residence on the tropical shore of nearby Four-Mile Lagoon I was impressed. I admit my original interest in the structure was wooden – that is to say the finely crafted cabinetry and other components made of exotic Belize Poison Wood that John had custom built for the kitchen and both full bathrooms. Poison Wood (Chechem in Maya), as its name implies, is a highly toxic tree related to Poison Ivy, Sumac, et al. The effect of exposure to its sap, or for some lore says, even its shade can cause horrific first and second-degree chemical burns. That this poisonous wood is also used to make fine furniture, cabinets, and even countertops intrigued me. But, like a scorpion without its stinger, say the wood workers, Chechem is harmless once dried and is some of the most beautifully-grained of Belize’s extensive gallery of glamorous hardwoods. True. The lustrous dark cabinetry is alive with swirls of green/black figuring, highlighting the modern above-cabinet sinks in the baths. A loft ceiling sports exposed solid-wood beams. The hand-craftsmanship in the place just screams luxury - a noise prompting me to tour the rest of the deluxe residence. High quality Mexican-made tiles is used everywhere in Belize, and it is seen in the flooring and bath-tile finishes John has installed in his new two bedroom home – all the while hoping soon to be evicted once he sells it. If sitting on the dock of the bay, is your idea of a relaxed carefree existence, you can do just that on this property’s twenty-foot pier that juts out into the blue, river-fed lagoon just a short boat ride from Mexican shopping destinations. A boat-ramp allows launching and haul-out of your vessel. Sited on a solid acre, with 120 feet of waterfront views, the smooth, modern- looking concrete structure with angles and cantilevers, evoking Prairie architecture, is built high up on compacted landfill to guard against lagoon-rise. Buyers and builders on the Lagoon are warned, rain and a North wind can conspire to raise the water level several feet in a short time, so there are steps leading down to the dock and the stone sea wall. This same breeze flows through the house when the hand-carved mahogany doors are swung open, cooling the home and as it happens, generating much of the home’s electrical power. Off- grid means just that in the case of this kind of luxury tropical living. A 1, 000 KW wind turbine spins in a wind-audited stream of 10-35 mph and connects to an overbuilt 24 Volt battery bank, backed up by a 6.5 –KW, Honda inverter-generator (in case of lulls or emergencies) powered by natural gas (how green is that!) and, inverters and controllers make it all seamless. The lagoon-front patio is, or rather are, three asymmetrically placed tiled and covered areas marking the location of three underground tanks holding 13,000 gallons of stored, filtered rainwater collected by the building’s roof runoff system. A pump for fresh lagoon water is also there for garden and landscape uses. A fireplace is unnecessary in Belize but a satellite dish to pull in the World Cup is provided. The one acre site offers ample room for vegetable gardens, orchards and for flower growing. Opposite the waterfront view is the mostly-cleared tropical forest ready for a nature hiking trail to strike through it. Orchids and exotic wildlife are ubiquitous on the property. Fishes are abundant in the lagoon. A small guest-house cabana(s) for rental income is currently under consideration. In the end, the Four Mile Lagoon is perfect for swimming, (crocodile alert!) kayaking, canoeing, sailing, and its mangrove- fringed shores are just the right place to relax and read. Sunsets are brief but spectacular in the tropics so, the West-facing “Sunset Villa’s Development” is aptly named. Off-grid living on the banks of a tropical blue lagoon is not for everyone, but if you are a “water-baby” as I am (and you can afford it) this waterfront property is surely heaven on Belize.
(Article above contributed by: William “Bill” Link)

The property is ideally situated in the fast developing town and growing expat community of Corozal District. From Corozal Town you are a 5 minute drive to Corozal airstrip by car, with San Pedro, Ambergris Caye 20 minutes away by plane or two hours by water taxi. The fantastic Chetumal US style Shopping Malls and the new Chetumal International Airport are conveniently 20-30 minutes by car across the Belize/Mexico border.


Some lots along the water will require some fill at Buyer expense. Current price is $45.00 USD per truck load of 15-18 cubic yards including bulldozer to pack it.